Network Marketing & Home Based Business – Why & How?

Many people today are getting tiered of working for someone else. Not only that but they are seeing more and more employers fronting less and less of the responsibility when it comes to an employees health and welfare. This is because there is an ever growing desire for the large companies to increase shareholder profits. The best way to show an immediate increase to shareholders is to cut something away from the employee. And that includes employee jobs. But I’m not hear to talk about what everyone is going through, I’m here to talk about what everyone is afraid to talk about. And that is the fact that 95% of Americans are living a lie. And that lie is this, “I’m Doin’ Pretty Good”. This is a load of garbage. People will make this comment and then turn around, get in their run down VW and head of to something that is suppose to be a home. They gripe about their low wages, their boss, their duties, their car & home, their wife/husband & their kids. But never do they take the blame themselves for getting their families into the mess in the first place. One of the biggest problems facing Americans is the lack of personal accountability.

These days most People have been approached by someone that comes from the home based business or network marketing industry. This is the exact opportunity that people who say that they are “Doin’ Pretty Good” should jump on in a heartbeat. I’ll explain why later. But this type of person is so blind to opportunities that they can’t see what this industry is all about. I was told by my father at least once a day, “You need to watch out for number one”. When I was 10 I thought that meant I needed to be a better shot when I aimed for the toilet. When I got older I finally understood what he meant. “Never have a business partner”, was another piece of genius that he preached. I could go one and on but that’s not the point I’m after. A person that wants to be wealthy can’t do it alone. You need a team of people to make money. Even Bill Gates didn’t do it alone. He was the leader and co-founder. No one knows where Microsoft might have been if they didn’t have the entire team that worked together towards a common goal. Donald Trump has a team that he works with. The team does all the important, yet tedious, footwork while The Donald makes all the crucial decisions. So what makes Bill Gates and Donald Trump Billionaires and the rest of us? Well, What we are today. It’s us. It’s because they are Leaders. A leader has a vision and is able to cast that vision so that people will attach themselves to it and help to make the visions a reality. When Bill Gates was casting the vision the majority of America, with the exception of his Microsoft team, thought that personal computers were just a fad. Boy were we wrong and now Bill Gates is paid extremely well because he was able to cast a vision to his team which helped to make Microsoft a reality and now we pay highly for those wonderful Windows programs. They are paid well not for their intelegance but rather for their Thinking.

Here’s the question, how is your thinking? Let’s start here first. I will assume that out of those who actually get this far in this article, the majority of you will not have the leadership skills to cast a vision, for a dream or passion you may have, to a team of people in order to build a business and end up with the lifestyle of a Bill Gates. I don’t mean to be harsh, but let’s be realistic. So how does someone like me who’s in his 40’s generate enough income so that I don’t need to work for the rest of my life? I bet everyone has asked themselves this question. I’m guessing not too many people have an answer. The reason you don’t have an answer is because you don’t have a vision. In order to have a real vision you need to have a way to achieve that vision and the resulting lifestyle that it will provide. To achieve your vision you need some way to acquire the business skills necessary to gather the business team that will help you achieve that vision. So what are you going to do? What will your business be? Who will you market to? What will you sell? Well I’m about to tell you how to answer all of these questions.

Network marketing and home based businesses cover all the bases for you. There are a multitude of businesses that cover all product areas. From the ever present health industry to energy drinks, insurance, financial planning, legal protection, video e-mail telecommunications and the fuel industry.

First things first,
Step #1. Find a product or service that you need and want but also that many people will need and want as well. The product or service has to fit you.

Step #2. Research all businesses in that genre. The key question you should ask yourself before anything else is a question to yourself. Do I trust the person who introduced me to this business.Also, Do I trust these people and this business opportunity and do they have MY best interests at heart. If the answer is no, then run as fast as you can. Here is how you know if they have your best interest at heart. Do they want you to sign up on the spot or do they ask you if you want to get started. There’s a BIG difference. If you sign up on the spot you’re paying for your startup cost. If you do this you may not ever see them again. If they ask you if you would like to get started and you say that you don’t have the money, their next step is to invite you to an event that is up coming to further your knowledge. If the event costs money to attend then I recommend that you pay for it and attend. You can go and gain more knowledge that will help you make a better decision. Plus you will get to meet some of the local people in that business. Again, don’t you want to know who you’re going into business with?

Step #3. Ask if they have a training system that includes thing’s like weekly CD’s, Books, DVD’s, Weekly meetings, monthly seminars and large conventions. This is how you learn the Business skills that I mentioned earlier. If you don’t want to pay for the system and don’t like going to meetings or listening to CD’s then stop reading right now go back to you job and work for someone else for the rest of your life. The SYSTEM is the key. Anyone who has succeeded in this industry has done it with the strong predictable training system. When you do decide to utilize the training system follow their recommendations exactly and to the letter. Do not deviate from their process or you will waist time. I’ve seen people pay for the system and continue to try and do the business their own way. This is the worst mistake anyone can make. It will frustrate you and you will quit. Throw you stupid EGO out the door and listen to you Mentor. Your ego will loose you money and time in this industry.

Step #4. LISTEN TO YOUR MENTOR. You will know your mentor because they are the one who is actually achieving success in the business by using the available system. Your mentor may not be the person who sponsored you. If your mentor says that you should attend a seminar. Attend the seminar and don’t make a fuss. If you hate your job so much then why use it as an excuse that’s stopping you from attending. These events are designed to help you retire early from that job you hate so much. Do you see the stupid thinking here? Oh, I can’t go to the seminar ‘cause I gotta work. Call in sick dummy. This is the difference in thinking from the wealthy and the working class. A wealthy thinker would do whatever it takes to get to that seminar. A wealthy thinker realizes that they don’t know everything and accept a mentor’s guidance no matter how much money they have or how much older they are then their mentor. I’ve watched people come into the network marketing industry who make 6 figure salaries at a job and not listen to their mentor and blame the business opportunity for their lack of success. In turn I’ve watched people who make a 6 figure income at a job come in and listen someone half their age with one third the yearly income at a job and they both became successful. This is because they both packed up their stupid egos at the door and left them outside so they could work together as equals and become successful together.

The secret to Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses is simple. You need to help as many people make a lot of money and in turn you will be paid highly to help them get there. Here’s the catch, you need to be mentored first in the process of becoming wealthy. Only then can you help others to make money. How can you teach people to make money in this industry if you haven’t made money in it yourself?

In closing let me list all the points for your quick reference to wealth.

1) Stop thinking that you job will get you all you hope’s and dreams

2) Stop being cynical, skeptical & Negative about Network Marketing & Home Based Businesses.

3) Realize that this industry is your only way to generate a significant amount of passive


4) Take your stupid EGO and get rid of it forever.It will cost you more then help you

5) Find the right product or service to build your business around

6) Start using their training system ASAP

7) Find a Mentor ASAP


9) Enjoy seeing your dreams become reality, all because you saw a vision for your future and you enlisted the help of Network Marketing or a Home Based Business as your vehicle to job freedom.

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