Does Using Your Blog Attract Visitors to Your Site?

This is a question which can be debated over and over again. What is the reality of the question? First you have to realize the motivation of persuading people to visit your website. The truth is that you have become a business person, an entrepreneur and are driven, motivated to make money on-line. Once you accept that as fact you then can begin to see how useful or not your Blog can be and exploit it to you advantage

Blogging is a channel of communication on a variety of topics. A Blog can be used for Social Intersection, Politics and Religion to Advertising products for sale, just to mention a few. Even can be a combination of all or some of the above. Basically it is just a vehicle to disseminate information.

Can I use my Blog to generate traffic and drive that traffic to my site? You need to ask yourself a few questions. Why did you start the Blog? What are the main topics contained in the submissions? Do you run an open policy to accept any and all points of view so long as they don’t violate the norms of decency? Is what you want to promote or sell compatible with the foregoing? Having answered these questions and you consider there will not be a lowering of standards or conflict of interest then you must conclude that it is it can be another useful tool to aid in the conquest of the Internet.

Where to begin? I mentioned “Open policy” so through Directories and Forums you can invite submissions to be placed on your Blog. Either Articles or simply Blogging uploads. Make it a two way exchange which will allow you to upload your submissions to their sites, thus expanding your range of contacts. If your comments and articles are interesting and informative you will have many visitors come for a look.

Having caught their attention you need to “Set a Trap”. You can only have so much information on your Blog Pages without being accused of exploiting the Blog for monetary gain. So you need to entice them to visit your Sales Page, not just your Blog. You know something like “Click Here for a FREE Surprise download package” Human nature and curiosity will give you at least 90% success of attracting the to your sales page. You are on your own from there. It is up to your imagination as how to keep them there long enough for them to subscribe to the Bonus. The trap is sprung when they have Opted-In.

The conclusion to answering the question is YES. A Blog correctly used and maximized to develop its fullest potential will definitely drive more traffic to you site. You can spend many hours uploading to other sites and even paying to be allowed that privilege, but do not forget it is YOUR BLOG which is on your Web Site and carries you name and reputation which will win the day. So devote time and energy to see it develops its fullest potential, both to your pocket, but to society in general. Start writing articles for submission to Ezine sites and post them on your own site too. Make them meaningful and informative to get people talking about your site.

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